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Having been faithfully dedicated to this for over a year now, I have noticed such an improvement in my running... I like the precision in the movements, the core strength that stabilizes your whole foundation, which then carries over to your everyday life in how you move.

But most importantly, I would recommend Pilates to everyone ― not only for core strength, but improved coordination, balance and just feeling good about yourself."

-Penny Goncalves

"I have been taking Pilates with Janet for over 8 years.  It has changed my life.  As I approached my fifties I was overwhelmed with aches and pains and I could not master other exercises due to back and hip problems.  I now take 3 to 4 classes a week and have never felt so strong in my core.  I feel like it has prevented many other ailments as well.

Janet and her staff have a great approach and wonderful attitude about exercise and healthy living.  They inspire the best in all their clients.  I am not only addicted...I am so grateful to have this wonderful studio."

-Joy Leavitt

"Since I started to visit the studio as part of my "selfcare"routine I've noticed a huge change.  I have improved
flexibility, stand taller and toned muscles in areas I could not otherwise-ie.personal training, and other exercise regimens.  The group classes are awesome!  The staff is friendly, experienced and great teachers.  Amazing how the benefits roll into other sports! TENNIS!"

-Alison Skar

"A magical place: We come here wanting to improve ourselves, to be stronger, to be more limber, to have better balance.  Sometimes we come for help with aches or pains that we had once thought could only get worse.  We are treated with respect and dignity and kindness... by skilled and patient healers who help us achieve our goals."
-Esta and Paul Farkas

"From the moment I had my first consultation, I noticed an immediate difference in my alignment.  The instructors are amazing ― they can see when you're not in the right position when you're trying to execute a controlled movement, and what muscle needs to be engaged. 

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